Most Wanted: Shooting victim found at Waffle House - WTVM

"He was later on delivered to the clinical center and also obtained treatment and also undertook surgical treatment.".

On June 24 a male struggling with a gunshot injury appeared at a Waffle Property on Victory Drive in Columbus requesting for help..

Copyright WTVM 2015. All rights reserved.. The suspect is accused of shooting a man and also leaving him for dead.

You can call -LRB-706-RRB- 653-3400 or send your suggestion through email to You can additionally get a money benefit for information that results in an apprehension..

According to Officer Moody, the wound the suspicious continual was non-life harmful yet remarkably, the sufferer had not been fired at the Waffle Property.

If you remember anything or saw something that evening that could help them locate the shooter, detectives would like to learn through you.

Currently, police are requesting your assistance.

"In some cases when individuals get shot they go to the location to get help but the preliminary capturing took area on Prado Drive," Officer Moody claimed..

The sufferer walked a minimum of five mins where he was attacked to the doorstep of the 24-hour dining establishment.

Keep in mind, the tiniest information could be what cops have to make an arrest.

"Upon arrival cops observed a black male suffering from a gunshot wound," stated Policeman Paul Moody with the Columbus Cops Division.


Columbus police need your assistance finding a dangerous bad guy.


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